We constitute and manage farms under the horizontal property regime, industrial estates, urbanizations and conservation boards.

Our community administration department takes care of managing all the aspects that make up the life of a community of owners. Our goal is to provide solutions to any incident that may arise in the daily life of the community. Brisasol is a leader and benchmark in the Property Administration sector.

Our Brisasol Community Administration service includes, among others, the economic and administrative control of the budget and expenses, the management of preventive and corrective maintenance of the farm and the advice of a team of experienced professionals.

Administrative management

  • Constitution and drafting of the community statutes
  • Call and attendance at the owners’ meetings. Drafting and sending the approved agreements to the owners. Execution of the resolutions approved by the Board
  • Custody of documentation
  • Ensure that the owners comply with their obligations and make the necessary warnings
  • Propose the best insurance for the community
  • Claims processing
  • Registration in the Data Protection Register
  • Management and representation before official bodies
  • Request for budgets to different industrialists and presentation of them to the Presidency of the Governing Board of the Community
  • Maintenance of the farm and advice on subsidies
  • Adopt the necessary measures for urgent repairs
  • Track and check repairs
  • Attention Faults 977.353.254 – (Attention 24 hours a day)

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Economic management

  • Preparation of the personalized statement of accounts
  • Preparation of budgets and annual accounts
  • Collection of bank receipts and remittances
  • Control of delinquency
  • Payment of supplies and suppliers

Fiscal and legal management

  • Legal advice
  • Labor and tax advice

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